About Ari

Ari is a wife of almost 15 years. Together, they have 3 children: Taylor (16), Elijah (12), and Tori (6). In addition to the children Ari actually pushed out (lol), she is blessed with 2 amazing adult step daughters, Eboni and Essence. Yes, like the magazines.

Ari is a 9-5 chick by day, but also owns and operates a 5 figure per month (soon to be 6 figure per month) t-shirt brand with her husband. 

The t-shirt brand was Ari's idea and dream. One she allowed fear to cause her to sit on for nearly 3 years. It wasn't until she got serious about personal development AND got a big push to move forward from her husband that she began to follow her dream.

You might recognize Ari from The T-Shirt Millionaires Mastermind interview series with Charles Smith III. If you missed that interview, you can catch it here: A Power Couple Hits $57K in T-Shirt Sales during the First Month of 2021 - Interview w/ The Simpsons - YouTube


Follow Ari on Instagram at @tshirtlifewithari to learn more about her journey.